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Ellen Riley

Ellen Riley, caller and founder of our San Diego County group

“I began English Country Dancing in Philadelphia in 1976, and was in the Germantown Country Dancers performing group for three years. Once I moved to San Diego, I attended yearly balls in the Oakland area.

I started the San Diego English Country Dance group in October of 2000 partly to have people to practice with for the balls. I've enjoyed calling for this group, as well the Escondido English Country Dance group.

I love travel, hiking and reading, but English Country Dancing is my consuming passion. The beauty of the music, as well as the grace and elegance of the steps, are some of the reasons I love this traditional form of dance."

Chris Page

Chris Page

Chris started contra dancing and English country dancing in Philadelphia in the early 2000s, and quickly got hooked. By early 2003 he started calling, and moved to San Diego in 2005.

Chris says, “I'm especially interested both in the history of English Country Dance as a whole, and the aesthetics of individual dance sequences. Sometimes I have fun with themed evenings, like around particular figures or histories. I also enjoy composing/perpetrating odd dances. And in my free lack-of-time, I also call contra dances. See my website for more.”

Ellie Konitshek

Ellie Konitshek

“I started English Country Dancing (and contra dancing) in 1984 in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. I was drawn to English Country Dance by the hauntingly beautiful music and the intricate patterns of movements that flow with the music. One aspect of English Country Dance that is particularly wonderful and unique is the eye contact and connection the dancers can make with their partners, neighbours, and other dancers.

I started calling dances in 2005. Instructing and calling English Country Dance with our group in Poway has been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. I feel that my background in teaching has helped me with calling.

I am an Occupational Therapist at Grossmont Hospital where I work with stroke patients, some brain injury patients, patients who have difficulty breathing, and some pediatric patients. This work has been extremely rewarding for me and it is exciting to see and help patients improve and progress. And every once in a while, I run across a patient who has actually done some kind of folk dancing (American square dancing, contra, some Scandinavian dancing, etc.)

Other interests that I have, besides dancing, include entertaining and planning parties and hikes, sewing, gardening and cooking."

Judee Pronovost

Judee Pronovost

Judee has been a caller for San Diego since the beginning of this century. She also calls the Orange County English Country Dance in Anaheim on third and fifth Saturdays. "It’s nice to see San Diego faces there from time to time," says Judee.

Outside of her regular dance duties, two highlights of her calling life have been working on the set of Andrew Jackson as the dance teacher and calling on Ken McFarland’s Elizabeth Bennet Trip in England.

Guest Callers Are Welcomed!

San Diego English Country Dancers enjoys having guest callers come into town to impart their distinctive repertoire, style, and energy to our dances! Through the years we have been fortunate to have the following people as guest callers:

If you would like to be a guest caller for one of our Sunday dances, or other event, please write us and let us know of your interest and availability.