Recent Dances
Nathan and Ellen
2012 May Faire Ball with Nathan and Ellen
Dance of the Month for April

Classic core repertoire
Sunday, 19th April 6:00 pm
Caller: All Callers
Sunday, 12th April 6:00 pm
Caller: Judee Pronovost
Sunday, 5th April 6:00 pm
Caller: Ellen Riley
Sunday, 29th March 6:00 pm
Caller: Ellie Konitshek
Benjamin's Birthday
Captainís Maggot
Early Frost
Hazelfern Place
Hop Ground
Indian Summer
Muriel's Measure
Peter and Peggy
The Bishop
Sunday, 22nd March 6:00 pm
Callers: Patrick Burns and Terri Akin
Bonny Cuckoo
Elverton Grove
Holborn March
Huntington's Maggot
Judiís Jig
Marjoireís Souíwester
Peter and Peggy
Strawberries and Cream
Trip to Amsterdam
Weekend in Wilton
Sunday, 15th March 6:00 pm
Callers: Chris Page with Robert Green
Dover Pier
Highland Lilt
Jacque Latin
Judiís Jig
Maiden Moor
Morgan Rattler
Peter and Peggy
The Dancing Betty
Turn of the Tide
Wa is Me, What Mun I Do?
Waves of Grain
Sunday, 8th March 6:00 pm
Callers: Judee Pronovost with Barbara Chenault and Liz Tarnove
Barbarini's Tambourine
Draper's Gardens
Easter Morn
Highlander's Humour
Irish Lamentation
Mount Hills
Peter and Peggy
Rafeís Waltz
Severn Bore
The Female Saylor
The Spring
Sunday, 1st March 6:00 pm
Callers: Ellen Riley with Liz Tarnove, Patrick Burns and Victor Lindsey
Bonny Cuckoo
Highland Lilt
Knives and Forks
Leather Lake House
Mendocino Redwood
Merry Andrew
Mrs. Beveridge's Triumph
Mrs. Savage's Whim
Peter and Peggy
Spanish Jigg
The Old Mill
Sunday, 22nd February 6:00 pm
Caller: Chris Page
Barbarini's Tambourine
Black Nag
Emma's Waltz
Highland Lilt
Hole in the Wall (Playford Style)
Midnight Ramble
Muriel's Measure
Potterís Wheel
To Dance Divine
Sunday, 15th February 6:00 pm
Caller: All Callers
Emma's Commencement
Hazelfern Place
Juice of Barley
Key to the Cellar
Knole Park
Mad Robin
The Unknown Buccaneer
True Kit
Zephyrs and Flora
Sunday, 8th February 6:00 pm
Callers: Ellen Riley with Barbara Chenault and Liz Tarnove
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Bob's Boomerang
Dancing Wife
Gypsy Round
Hop Ground
Love Always
Red and All Red
Take a Dance
Turning by Threes
Sunday, 1st February 6:00 pm
Caller: Tom Amesse
Live Music with Steve Maranto and David Collins
Belle of the Ball
Braes of Dornoch
Dunant House Waltz
Hearts in Harmony
Jack's Health
Mary K
Mount Hills
Room for Ramblers
Round About Our Coal Fire
Trip to Margate
Sunday, 25th January 6:00 pm
Callers: Judee Pronovost with Liz Tarnove and Patrick Burns
Live Music with Ryan Sandburg and Bonnie Insull
Black Nag
Bryon's Boutade
Draper's Gardens
I Care Not For These Ladies
Indian Queen
Knole Park
Mary K
Prince William
Rum Cakes
Sally in Our Alley
Simone's Semicentury
Sir Liptonís Maggot